\ ˈsīn-ˌpōst \

Signpost is a life-saving, life-sustaining initiative. Through a portfolio of digital tools, we provide accurate, accessible and timely information that matters most to people affected by conflict and disaster.


Signpost was launched by IRC and Mercy Corps in 2015 at the height of the European refugee crisis. This initiative was designed to respond directly to the needs of refugees arriving in Greece with nothing but their cell phones. Since then, we have developed three Signpost instances: Refugee.Info in Europe, CuentaNos in El Salvador and Khabrona in Jordan -- reaching over 1 million users. Supported by our core protection principles and best practices at the foundation, each instance has a customized portfolio of digital products tailored to the needs and technology preferences of local crisis-affected populations.


Signpost instances receive guidance and quality assurance through a central global team of IRC and Mercy Corps experts in product management, protection technical assistance, social media, and journalism.


The Refugee.Info platform provides timely, accurate, and useful information to refugees in Europe. The team hails from around Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and the Americas, made up of nearly 60% asylum-seekers and refugees.


The platform provides accurate and reliable information on the civil and legal information relevant to Syrian refugees living in Jordan.


Cué is a dynamic service mapping platform which compiles vital information about civil society and governmental services, their locations, contact information, and how to access them. The platform was launched in August 2018, hosts over 1,000 individual service sites across El Salvador from 100 participating organizations, and has had over 60,000 site visits.